Mar 2022 ***Not Beginner*** Ottawa Meetup – Supercharge Your WordPress Site

Supercharge Your WordPress Site with Your Very Own Plug-In

We typically think of plug-ins as WordPress extensions that are developed for use with many different sites but there’s a great opportunity to enhance your WordPress site by developing a plug-in that’s designed just for your site.

Adrian Cho will talk about how he developed and maintains a plug-in for one of his most active sites to enhance both the user and administration experience. The discussion will cover WooCommerce integration, cron jobs, custom REST API and SSO for integrating your site with other services, and more.


This is an online event, meeting link and details will be posted the week of the meetup. RSVP required to see event links.


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“Not Beginner” series:

This is a meetup in our “Not Beginner” series. This series includes anything that is, well, not a beginner/introductory level topic. Thus, talks in this series will range from not very advanced at all – just barely above beginner – to deep dive dev talks.

Anyone at any experience level is welcome to attend, but for “not beginner” talks there will be an assumption in the presentations and discussion that attendees have some knowledge of WordPress, and/or the presented topic.