February 2018 WordPress Meet-Up


Use Your Own Data to Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level for 2018

We all want to improve our websites, but “best practice” guesses aren’t enough – we want real data to help us understand where to focus our limited time and resources. But so often, the data and stats are intimidating – and the complexity of tools like Analytics can reinforce that. In tonight’s discussion, we’ll discover seven specific ways our own data can show us where to optimise for the most impact. Layman’s terms will be used/explained throughout. Newer website owners all the way up to experienced dev folks will discover useful info.

– discover what content our own visitors are begging us to write.
– learn how fast our website pages really are for our actual users and which need improvement. Bonus: What if our site could notify us when important pages got slower?!
– understand what parts of the site’s navigation/calls to action our visitors find helpful and which ones they ignore.
– key in on the pages that would provide the greatest benefit if we worked to improve them. (And what is bounce rate really?)
– and more, including teaching Analytics how to show you the important data you care about, instead of having to dig it out every time you want to check it.

Join us to get a better handle on how to use Analytics to improve our websites!

Presented by: Paul Thompson. As an SEO and web marketing consultant, I focus primarily on optimizing existing sites into powerful marketing platforms. Using expertise in technical SEO audits as a basis, I incorporate SEO, custom analytics, content marketing, conversion optimisation, email marketing, paid search (ah, the buzzwords!) in a strategy to improve websites’ business performance. I also provide one-on-one coaching and training in these areas.

My time on the web goes all the way back to 1996. I’ve been managing and optimising sites since 2002, including stints running the web programs for Banff and Lake Louise Tourism and Travel Alberta. I’ve worked with WordPress since 2009. I’ve just returned to Ontario after 20 yrs in the Canadian Rockies – would love to connect on Twitter @thompsonpaul or www.buzzwordstobusiness.com!

Meeting Details:
This months meeting is at Patty Bolands, 101 Clarence St. We have the room called “The Abbey”.


6:00 – General announcements

6:10 – Presentation

7:00 – Q&A

7:30 – Wrap-up