May 2017 Virtual Contrib2Core [Developers]

Virtual Contrib2Core – Shared event with WPToronto

See the Toronto WordPress Group for the partner event.


Note: The activities in this meetup are best suited for intermediate/advanced WordPress developers.

Join Paul Bearne (Senior Freelance WordPress Developer) for a virtual meetup using Google Hangouts, where we come together as a team with the aim of adding to and improving WordPess itself (contrib to core).

This is a series of bi-weekly events using YouTube live recording on Google Hangouts. A new hangout link is published in the comments shortly before each session.

Sessions are interactive – you will help craft the code and create your own core commits. As at the beginning of April, we had submitted 6 patches of which 2 have so far been accepted into WordPress 4.5 from this project. You do not need to have experience of core commits, just to be reasonably comfortable with code and willing to come along, learn and do. There is guidance all the way, with opportunities to help with documentation and research. You can even just lurk and listen!

At each meetup, we are working on writing unit tests for the original functions file in WordPress – there are around 200 functions to keep us occupied!

The file we are working on is:

We will use this repo to swap code as we work:

If you are new to core development, you will need to install or have a working deployment build of WordPess.

More reading: