May 2017 ***Not Beginner*** Meetup

Undo the Mess: Use Roots for WordPress Dev

Calling all picky developers.

Let’s say I’m using WordPress for a new project. A sweet setup is important to me so I have some questions: How can I set up version control properly? Can I develop with others? When dealing with plugins, can I lock down plugin versions so I can test locally and commit when tested? Can I use Sass for style sheets and have minified css and js builds that aren’t committed to my repo? Can I use a nice template approach that’s DRY? Can I match my local dev to have parity with staging and prod? Is there a way configure the server’s provisioning in the same repo as my theme?

I’ve found a Yes for all those questions. Roots is a kit made up of 1) a smart theme system (Sage), 2) a way to package WordPress and plugins as composer dependencies and a better, more secure project structure (Bedrock) and a way to provision your local dev and servers through conventional recipes (Trellis). Use the parts you need (or all three) on your next WordPress project.

In this talk, we’ll demo building a site using the Roots kit (and the new Sage v9). Come check out this elegant way of doing WordPress dev and come meet other fans of Roots.

Presented by Pascal Laliberté, who does Web development, Interaction Design and Product Consulting. He’s a real friendly guy with some strong opinions, so come out for a chat!

Meeting Details:

This is a meetup in our “Not Beginner” series. This series of talks is for WordPress (or related) presentations that are not at a beginner level.

Anyone at any experience level is welcome to attend, but there will be an assumption in the presentations and discussion that attendees have some knowledge of WordPress.

Senate Room, 6th Floor – Robertson Hall, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive. </a>

Parking on campus requires payment, but all of the lots, including the garage just to the north of Roberson Hall, cap at $8 for the evening after 5pm. <a href=””>

No donations for this meeting!  (We normally ask for a $4 donation to help cover the cost of the room and our Meetup fees, which total about $150-450/year)


7:00 – General announcements

7:10 – Q&A Lets talk WordPress

8:30 – Wrap-up