October 2016 WordPress Meet-Up

All about images

• intro to the media library

• what formats are supported

• where images are stored / why you should sort by date

• what WP does with images uploaded/derived intermediate sizes

• inserting images individually

• inserting as a gallery

• adaptive images in WordPress 4.5+

• what “regenerating thumbnails” does

Presented by Mike Dickson.  Mike has been programming for 17 years, and by far his favourite is websites. He loves everything about them, from the “boring” planning stages and framework design to the finessing of the layout to get it just right. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, running three businesses from home in Ottawa.


6:00 – General announcements

6:05 – Presentation(s)

7 ish – Questions

7:30 – Open help session “Happiness Bar” – get answers to your WordPress questions.

Meeting Details:


We have a private space reserved downstairs. Enter the main doors, turn left, and down the stairs.

No donations for this meeting!  If attendees buy enough food etc. from the pub it covers our tab.  (We normally ask for a $4 donation to help cover the cost of the room and our Meetup fees, which total about $150-450/year)