Attend our next meeting to learn more about WordPress, meet other WordPress users, share ideas, projects and other information.

There are 3 meeting tracks:

  1. The "General" track, usually meets the first Wednesday of the month.  This track includes beginner WordPress topics and general topics like SEO.
  2. The "Not Beginner" track, meets on the third Wednesday of select months.  This track is all the talks that cover anything that is "not beginner". That does mean that some "not beginner" talks may not be very advanced at all, and levels do vary from talk to talk, check the talk description. Some prior knowledge of WordPress is expected at "not beginner" talks.
  3. The "Contrib2Core" track, usually meets the second Monday of the month.  This track is a series of virtual meetings to engage in contributions to the WordPress core (fixing bugs, updating documentation etc.).  It is aimed at developers or those interested in becoming developers.

Most meetings are presentations that do not require you to bring a laptop. Meetings that are "Workshops" will generally require that you have laptop, and we will have WiFi available.

WordPress learning, for everyone!
Beginners welcome!

October 2018 WordPress Meet-Up

WordPress Tips and Tricks
Join the group for a general WordPress Q&A session – any WordPress topic is open to discussion.

There may even be impromptu presentations on topics if requested.

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Summer 2018 WordPress Meet-Up

Setting Up a Multilingual Site with WPML
WPML is the tool of choice for many site needing to have content available to users in multiple languages. In this talk I’ll explain how WPML works, go through the interface, and introduce some key insights I’ve discovered in my years with this very capable tool.

Presented by Mike Dickson

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