Attend our next meeting to learn more about WordPress, meet other WordPress users, share ideas, projects and other information.

There are 2 meeting tracks:

  1. The "General" track, usually meets the first Wednesday of the month.  This track includes beginner WordPress topics and general topics like SEO.
  2. The "Not Beginner" track, occasionally meets on select Wednesdays of some months. This series is all the talks that cover anything that is "not beginner". Talks in this series will range from not very advanced at all - just barely above beginner - to deep dive dev talks. Anyone at any experience level is welcome to attend, but some prior knowledge of WordPress is expected at "not beginner" talks.

Most meetings are presentations that do not require you to bring a laptop. Meetings that are "Workshops" will generally require that you have laptop, and we will have WiFi available.  If laptops are needed it will be noted in the description.

WordPress learning, for everyone!
Beginners welcome!

November 2021 ***Not Beginner*** Ottawa Meetup – Gutenberg Blocks for Devs – Part 1

Gutenberg Blocks for Developers – Part 1

We’ll be looking at various options for creating custom blocks for the block editor and other cool tricks for site creators like locked templates, block patterns and possibly others as time permits.

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October 2021 Ottawa Meetup – 10 Years!! WordPress Open Q&A

10 Years!! WordPress Open Q&A

The Ottawa WordPress Meetup is 10 years old. Our first meetup was Sept 21, 2011, and we had 11 members. Now, 10 years later we have 1481 members. Tell all your WordPress friends about us and help us hit 1500 for our anniversary meeting.

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