Attend our next meeting to learn more about WordPress, meet other WordPress users, share ideas, projects and other information.

There are 2 meeting tracks:

  • The "General" track, usually meets the first Wednesday of the month.  This track includes beginner WordPress topics and general topics like SEO.
  • The "Not Beginner" track, meets on the third Wednesday of select months.  This track is all the talks that are too advanced for the general track, ie. anything that is "not beginner". That does mean that some "not beginner" talks may not be advanced at all, and levels do vary from talk to talk, check the talk description. Some prior knowledge of WordPress is expected at "not beginner" talks.

WordPress learning, for everyone!
Beginners welcome!


Virtual Contrib2Core [Developers] Nov 14, 2016

Join Paul Bearne (Senior Freelance WordPress Developer) for a virtual meetup using Google Hangouts, where we come together as a team with the aim of adding to and improving WordPess itself (contrib to core).

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November 2016 WordPress Meet-Up

Beginner’s Introduction to SEO with Yoast Plugin

WordPress makes it easy for beginners to get a website up and running on the web, but what happens next? What can you do to attract traffic to your website? You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but what does it mean? How can you quickly take advantage of it with your new website?

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